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[Top Tips] Video Interviews: They are not as difficult as you may think

Top tips for your next video interview…

A hiring manager of a job you applied for has contacted you to inform you that they would like to invite you for an interview. There is only one catch, it’s virtual.

Video interviews are becoming increasingly more common in the recruitment process and are often considered the next best thing to a face-to-face interview. This crucial step is often what sets you apart from other candidates,  so you will need to prepare just as much, if not more to execute your video interview and maximise your success chances.

Below we have shared some myth busters and top tips for how you can become a virtual success!

Live vs. pre-recorded video interviews

There are two types of video interviews you may have to face: live and pre-recorded. Your interviewer should let you know which type of video interview will be conducted in advance.

Live on-screen video interviews are similar to the face-to-face interview as they are two-way, where both you and the interviewer are present. This type of interview is usually conducted over platforms such as Skype, Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. These platforms allow interviewers to recreate the traditional format of an interview, without the need for you to travel to the office.

TOP TIP: Try to treat a live video interview the same as a face-to-face interview and build up a rapport with the interviewer.

Pre-recorded video interviews are less like a face-to-face interview as they are one-way, so only you are present. You will pre-record your answers, which the interviewer will view at a later time. You will be set a number of questions and will be allocated time to video your answers. The hiring manager and possibly other interviewers will review your recorded video to make a decision to move you to the next stage or not. 

TOP TIP: Pre-recorded video interviews can be challenging as you don’t receive verbal feedback. Imagine you are being asked the question, take it steady, pause to breathe and take your time. Try to answer the questions like you would in person. 

Challenging video interview misconceptions

The perception of video interviews can often be negative, because you may feel the pressure from knowing you are on camera. We have debunked some of the most common misconceptions about performance in a job interview.

Myth: You need to be an Oscar winning performer to be successful in a video interview.

Truth: Video interviews are easier than you think; follow our simple tips and tricks and you will learn how to put your best face forward and be ready to face the camera.

Myth: Interviewers only judge you on your voice and what you say in the video interview.

Truth: You must not forget the basics of a job interview; prepare yourself, dress well and be professional. Interviewers will take your presentation and body language into consideration too.

Be prepared

Preparation, whether it be for a video interview or a face-to-face interview is key for succeeding. We believe in 3 simple steps to becoming prepared for a video interview; test your technology, do your research and dress for success. 

TOP TIP: Start your preparation as early as possible and do not leave it to the last minute. Check out our video interview preparation guide!

Final thoughts…

We encourage you to use a video interview as an opportunity to showcase your skills and elaborate more than what you have stated in your CV. Show the interviewer why you are a good fit for the role and the company you are applying for. If you prepare, do your research and relax, you are going to impress your interviewer.

For more information on our vacancies, check out our jobs page and good luck on your next video interview!

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